Join the Digazu Early bird program

We know Digazu is still young and we need to onboard new projects as fast as possible to become the new standard. To do so, we are launching an early bird program for the ones willing to take part in this adventure. That means no license fees in 2020, you only pay for hosting costs and support when your use case is in production.

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Your whole AI use case for free, data science included.

Digazu early bird program is backed by EURA NOVA; meaning you can have access to all the required brain power for free. It is truly an amazing opportunity to kick-start or grow your project to the next stage. EURA NOVA has more than 10 years of experience working for international brands on advanced big data projects.

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Maximum 10 projects will be selected based on several criteria:

  • Its goal (how ambitious it is)
  • Its use of big data (Digazu shines on data science projects)
  • Its timeline & its realism
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